Expected Randonmess

About me

Hi folks,

I am Vincent Verdot, computer science researcher at (Alcatel-Lucent) Bell Labs since 2005. I've got my PhD in 2009 with the (French) National Institute of Telecommunications and Paris 6 University (UPMC). My thesis was about service mobility in heterogeneous environments... something fun enough to work on during almost 4 years. Now I research on various topics connected to networking and applications and usually related to multimedia communications.

This blog is first of all a place where I can, unmodestly, talk about me: CV, news, publications, projects, things I like, etc. I will also try to publish some posts about coding stuff and tutorials (Flash, Java, Arduino, Photoshop, various softwares).

Don't hesitate to contact me but don't waste your time telling me that "randonmess" isn't correct...

email -  vincent.verdot@alcatel-lucent.com
twitter - @vverdot
linkedin - fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentverdot


Official Biography

VINCENT VERDOT is leading the End-to-End Multimedia research project of the Bell Labs’ Multimedia domain in Villarceaux, France. His work experience includes the study of service delivery mechanisms in next generation architectures such as the feature interactions in IP Multimedia Subsystem, and various other research activities on communication and multimedia protocols. He also worked on application mobility and service continuity issues in distributed systems. His current responsibilities are mainly focused on telecommunication usages and interoperability problems between heterogeneous environments. He was graduated in 2005 with a Research Master's degree in Computer Science (Networking) and in 2009 with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Telecommunications and Electronics, all from the University Pierre and Marie Curie of Paris, France. He is a member of IEEE.