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VHC in 5Plus Forum – Paris

What an honor to present the Virtual Hybrid Communication technology at the 5Plus Forum that will take place at La Géode (Paris) on October 13th.

This technology was already presented at MMSP'10 (St Malo, France), 3D3C Worlds 2011 (Tel Aviv, Israel), ACM Web 3D 2011 (Paris, France -- best demo award --), Bell Labs Open Days 2011 (Nozay, France), AFRV 2011 (Biarritz, France)  and in two weeks at the ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2011 (Helsinki, Finland -- nominated for the Achievement Award --).

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information, I will post a video that shows our prototype in action very soon.


Show Me Your Cookie

Vincent Toubiana and I recently wrote an article about a potential Google's flaw that may cause serious information leaks, disclosing private data such as your search history and your contacts. Note that he's got the brilliant idea :).

Disappointed to see this paper rejected from WPES'11 (Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society), we published the document as a technical report to arXiv so that it wouldn't be totally lost and may be reused by some other researchers.

What a surprise to see 10 days later that the paper Show Me Your Cookie And I Will Tell You Who You Are mentioned in so many IT news websites and forums (30+... I stopped to count after the 15th Google's result page). I don't know if the "Google" buzzword made the difference or if we actually did such a good work but if you want to learn more about Google-related privacy stuff, check Vincent's blog unsearcher.org.

Watch your cookies !

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