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Show Me Your Cookie

Vincent Toubiana and I recently wrote an article about a potential Google's flaw that may cause serious information leaks, disclosing private data such as your search history and your contacts. Note that he's got the brilliant idea :).

Disappointed to see this paper rejected from WPES'11 (Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society), we published the document as a technical report to arXiv so that it wouldn't be totally lost and may be reused by some other researchers.

What a surprise to see 10 days later that the paper Show Me Your Cookie And I Will Tell You Who You Are mentioned in so many IT news websites and forums (30+... I stopped to count after the 15th Google's result page). I don't know if the "Google" buzzword made the difference or if we actually did such a good work but if you want to learn more about Google-related privacy stuff, check Vincent's blog unsearcher.org.

Watch your cookies !

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